Say hello to feline feeding comfort...

Mealtimes are important.. Upgrade to OcimendBowl and give your cat the feeding comfort they deserve.

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"My cat is a vomit comet and inhales food only to regurgitate it moments later. Here's the deal - if your cat barfs because of air/backflow issues, you NEED to get this bowl!"

Amy G

"My poor cat normally throws up two to three times a day without fail after eating. It's been 4 days so far and she has not thrown up since!"

Amy G

"I absolutely love these bowls. They're so cute and functional! My cat looks so much more comfortable when she eats!"

Amy G


Our Legendary Orthopedic Cat Feeders

The "Original" Ocimend Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder

The original orthopedic anti-vomiting feeder that took the internet by storm! Reduce neck strain, improve digestion, maximize feeding comfort!

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The Ocimend Bowl Steel Edition

Made of antibacterial stainless steel. Purrrfect for cats sensitive to plastic!

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Ps : Don't fall for cheap knock-offs that might hurt your furry best friend.


Cats like feeding from elevated feeders.. It's better for their health too!


Veterinarians and cat behaviourists recommended elevated bowls.. Why? Less neck strain, less vomiting and they're more comfortable! It's an easy, natural way to make meal time a happy time!